Litecoin Investor Now Diversifying into Greek Bonds

Savvy tech investor and amateur boxing aspirant, Peter Smith, is diversifying his Litecoin assets into Greek bonds.  Known as a contrarians’ contrarian, Peter claimed that “despite his losses on Litecoin, he’s hoping to make it all back on Greek bonds.”

Lending to the Greek people, Peter claimed they “would totally be good for the money” and that their allocation of capital would be “at least as profitable as my litecoin equity investments.”

‘Yanis is the Best Man to Manage my Litecoins’

He has since described Yanis Varoufakis, the Greek Finance Minister, as a ‘pretty amazing on Twitter’ and hence ‘credit worthy for my precious litecoins’.

Litecoin stimulus will be directed towards productive enterprises in Greece

Commenting on his investment thesis, Peter explained, “I like to think I see the future more futuristically than the future sees itself”

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